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About Me - douglaswrhea
Let me start by stating the obvious, I have a 100% Feedback
The reason is, I will give you no excuse to leave a negative feedback
If for any reason you are not happy with any item you purchase from me, I will do whatever you believe is required to make it right

ALL items are shipped by FedEx Ground in the U.S.A. ONLY
with insurance & signature included
$9.00 is about as cheap as I can send a one pound package
and it costs extra to ship to a house instead of a business
so if a $9.00 starting shipping cost scares you, don't bid
I combine shipping and refund excess fees after I have shipped the package

I sometimes use descriptions of items from a web site I have visited for over 8 years
I need to include that website's name here...

Just a quick bit of info about me so you know who I am.
Did some punch card programming with my dad in 1973
Started playing D&D in 1974
I have been messing with computers since about 1978 as a hobby
Started and still run a BBS since 1980 (telnet://
I collect older BBS Door source code and provide registration keys (
Served in the United States Marine Corp
Was a Police Office for a few years after I was honorably discharged
I am also a D&D player and collect many TSR items, books, magazines
I have been designing, implementing, and maintaining LANs & WANs professionally since about 1986
I host many gaming servers out of my house as a hobby
(NeverWinter Nights, Tribes, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, Quake, Sacred, FSGS, etc)
I host many guild/clan sites too:,,,,,,,,,
I actually have a rack in my "computer room" and dual T1s to the house for plenty of bandwidth.
Since I try to keep my hardware up to date, I accumulate lots of spare parts.
Thus, most of the computer stuff I sell was working when I removed it from my equipment, or sometimes from a client's equipment. If it's bad, I throw it away since I don't have time to mess with bad stuff.

All items sold as used and AS IS. I want you to have a good experience buying from me, thus the 100% feedback. I have helped some buyers get some items replaced via RMA from the manufacture since the item still had warranty when I sold it, so even though I say "AS IS", I'll do what I can to make it as right as possible. But if there is no solution, remember, parts are USED, and thus I can not provide any warranty. I will tell you in the listing if I have not tested the part or am not sure if it works (I get some parts donated from players on my servers that are suppose to work of which I may have never tried to use).

I accept PayPal only, but you can pay via credit through PayPal without an account.

I will only ship to the USA.
Shipping to Canada is a pain in my butt and not worth the effort at the post office to do so. (the lines are over an hour every time I go)
If you are in Canada and really want an item, it will ONLY be shipped via FedEx and could cost you in excess of $80.00 in freight to get the item, plus FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE declared to customs.

Will combine shipping on some items where feasible. Please contact me after bidding and I'll calculate freight and send you an invoice. I refund excess freight after I ship if there is any

I will only ship to Verified PayPal accounts with Verified Address. Sorry but no more unverified addresses
ALL items ship with FULL insurance and signature included

I also reserve the right to cancel any bid if the bidder has bad or NO feed back, or their account looks suspect in any way

I use the grading information provided by The Acaeum ( when I list D&D books, modules and magazines

I donate 10% of all sales to The Acaeum, so your purchase helps keep a great site online

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Sells good stuff

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