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Ok, I have installed the upgrade for the site from v6.03 to 6.07. You'll notice that many of the 3rd party addons are no longer enabled on the site. (thus it looks a bit different). I have over 140+ addons that need to be added back to the site... so it will take a bit to get them done. Hopefully in the next few weeks, just be patient.

Ok, it has been reported that sending an invoice sometimes doesn't work, or if someone buys multiple items it doesn't work.

If should be fixed now, let me know if you have problems.

For some reason the entire Fee table was reset to some weird numbers.... there should onyl be a .01 Feature Category Fee and a .05 Main Page Feature fee.... so I fixed the tables..

If you were going to list something and saw those rediculous fees... you should have told me about it... jeez ....

So list on ...

Ok, it looks like the BuyOut feature hasn't been working for about 10 days (probably means no one has tried to buy anything until today)

In any case, it's fixed now, but in the future, please email me or post in the "Report a Bug" area of the forums:


Red_Bus is the official 100th user on the site.

He has been upgraded to a Preferred Seller and all store fees are thus discounted 100%

Ok, everyone needs to read this...

This auction site software allows the Seller to setup direct payment with Paypal. The only problem is, when you pay for an item, the site only transfers your email address to Paypal and thus it never shows your address as "Confirmed".

Sellers are only protected under Paypal's protection policy when they ship to a Confirmed Address. To make this happen, you have to fill out the Paypal address override section in your Member's Area. So here is how to do that:

Once you are logged into the site, click on the "Members Area" icon.
Once in the "Members Area", click on the "My Account" icon.
Click the sub-menu "Manage Account" just below the "Bidding" icon.
You will now see "Paypal Address Override" in the middle of your screen.

You must check the box and fill in all your information that MUST match the Confirmed Address on file with Paypal.

Now when you make payments to Sellers, your Confirmed Address will come through in the transaction and Paypal will protect the Seller when they ship the item.

You must click the account activation link that is emailed to you from the site when you sign up. If you do not, your account is automatically deleted in 7 days.

I added Google Checkout as a payment gateway. So if you have a Google Checkout account, you can now take payments through Google as well as Paypal and the others.

I have installed and enabled SSL on the site for areas that require private information and transactions.

I have installed a private certificate for now and purchased a certificate from a certificate authority.
(you can safely accept the current certificate)
you can check the details tab if you view the certificate and it should show:

it was issued by RPG Marketplace and to RPG Marketplace
is valid from 02/29/08 - 02/28/09
serial number is: 008A E8AA 7F01 5070 6C
thumbprint is: E5A2 885B B139 21CB ED56 EDA7 9BF3 88E5 E3F4 ECFE

As soon as the new certificate arrives, it will be installed on the site.

Ok, I have removed the following free email accounts from the banned list:


You can use these to register, BUT not if you wish to sell on this site, only as a buyer.

Today's site updates include:

Clean Store URLs - You can now get to your store with: http://rpgmarketplace.com/stores/username.

Live Count Down times on auctions - prior to the update, it was a display as of the screen load, now it's real time.

Currency Converter is now a real time online lookup.

Sellers can now define their Return Policy in their "prefilled" section.

There are 10 new store templates (though none are RPG related and I hope to resolve that at some point).

Congratulations to Center Stage Hobbies on the first sale on the new site @ Feb. 25, 2008 18:01:24

Dungeons & Dragons - RULES CYCLOPEDIA - VG+
Winning Bid: $19.95

Welcome to RPG Market Place.

The purpose of this site is to allow users of sites like The Acaeum, Dragsonsfoot, (and others to be added) a place to post items they are wanting to sell or post ads for items they are looking for.

A single place "similar" to eBay except it's FREE.

Instead of posting items on a forum in a "classified" section that is sometimes hard to know if the items are still available, I figured something like this would be nice to have.

Sellers on this site are required to be verified by the admin before they are allowed to sell. This should mean that all sellers are worthy to do business with.

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